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Our Services.

We provide the following services.

Computer Repair

 If your computer is running slow or you need help getting things up and running, give us a call!

Mac Repair

Yes, we service Macs too. Is your Mac computer running slow, or pestered with popups? Let us clean it up and get you up and running again.

Computer Upgrade

 Computer running slow? We can assess your computer and perform upgrades that make it run like new (or faster) again.

AntiVirus Solution

 Malware is a big threat to personal information stored on your computer as well as your online accounts. Talk to us about how we can keep you protected.

WiFi & Netwoking Solution 

 We can fix your WiFi performance and coverage issues so you can enjoy a good connection wherever you are.

Backup & Recovery Solution

 Backup your important data so that when things crash, you don’t lose anything important stored on your systems. Talk to us about the options available to you.

Website Design

  If your small business needs a website, we can help. Whether your site needs a re-design or starting from scratch, we can help deliver the perfect website for your business. Our designs will be modern, responsive, and look great on desktop computers, tablets, and other mobile devices. We are your trusted solution provider for all your web design, domain name, and web hosting needs.

Computer AMC Service

  Computer AMC for your Home & Small Business at very Low Price range in Kolkata West Bengal. To keep running your Business or Home PC smoothly we arrange every month visit your office or home to maintan your PC, Networking. We use the latest technologies to monitor your systems, improve security, and prevent stressful problems for a low yearly charges.

Pick-up & Drop-Off

  You’re always welcome to Pick-up & drop off your computer to us. We’ll look at it right away! (by appointment only)

On Site Service

  Why come to us when we can come to you? Maybe you’re having issues with your WIFI or internet connection, or maybe your printer is acting up. Let us come to you and fix your issues on the your Place.

Remote Service

  Wherever you are, with our remote support software we can assist with your computer issues without you having to leave your seat! Watch us fix your issue from the comfort of your home.